Residential Roofing

Stateside Contractors, based in Glenoden PA, installs and repairs residential roofs throughout southeastern Pennsylvania.  We’ve been providing roof contracting for over 20 years.  We have an impeccable reputation around the region for our high quality work, professionalism and the use of highest quality materials.

Stateside Residential Roofing is a Tamko Certified Roofing Contractor as well as and is certified in all aspects of roofing and home repairs. Certified Contractors have met rigorous standards for professionalism and excellence when it comes to roofing. Stateside Roofing is well versed in industry standard practices and continuously demonstrate a high level of customer service by maintaining a minimum homeowner satisfaction rating of over 90% or above with each customer. All Certified Contractors have passed a lengthy exam based upon Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association specifications as well as accepted application techniques.

As master of our craft, we use Tamko ashpalt roofing materials because of their great warranty and color and material options.  Here are the most recent colors from Tamko that we carry.