Roof Repair

Roof Repair

Roof repair is an important undertaking for millions of homeowners. Timely roof repairs and maintenance will prolong a roof’s life. Having your roof repaired will stop roof leaks that may result in damage causing you to replace the entire roof. Repairs need to be done right if you want to stop any problems from becoming bigger.

At Stateside Contractors, we practice only the most up-to-date roofing techniques, are licensed and insured to offer roof installations, roof repairs, and roof replacement. We also offer regular roof inspection services that help us identify and fix problems before they get out of hand. No matter if you have a commercial roof, or a residential roof, we carry out quality roof repairs in Alexandria, VA.

Shingle Repairs
Many residential roofs in Alexandria, VA use shingles because the materials are tough and can withstand consistent exposure to heavy rains, UV, and high winds. When your property is exposed to the elements, your shingles may break or become weathered and loose. We are experts who specialize in emergency roof repair and can identify any broken shingles or other potential problems and replace them before leaks occur.

Shingles sometimes split, curl or shrink due to the expansion and contraction associated with temperature changes. If lift shingles have their edges curled, you may experience water seepage. These problems need to be fixed before any further deterioration occurs by an experienced roof repair expert. If you have a missing shingle, or broken asphalt shingles, we can repair your shingle roof.

Leaking Roof Repair in Alexandria, VA
When your roof starts leaking, it is a sign of either deterioration or roof damage. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to locate the source of the damage since water can travel along the roofing material a long way from the initial problem.Stateside Contractors’ roof leak repair experts will help to identify and locate leaks and fix them so you have peace of mind that your roof is sound and carry out any roof damage repair needed. Regular snow removal can assist with the prevention of roof leaks and the need for a future roof leak repair. Emergency roof leak repair is one of the most popular call outs we have, and can be prevented with some regular roof maintenance.

Fixing Poor Ventilation
A house that is poorly ventilated can cause damage through overheating and moisture. Shingles can blister and encourage mold and mildew to grow from excessive humidity. Poor ventilation can rot your roof’s rafters and fascia. A humid roof cavity is also a breeding ground for pests and vermin. For roof ventilation issues, we can undertake the necessary roofing repairs and eliminate further deterioration or the need for roof replacement.

Old Roof Maintenance & Repairs in Alexandria, VA
If you are undergoing a roofing restoration, you may need to look at your home records to see when your roof was installed. This important information can give insight into whether your roof should be repaired or replaced. Stateside Contractors can help you decide on the best course of action for your old roof.

Roof Flashing Repairs
The flashing around the chimneys, skylights, and vents can become brittle which causes them to form gaps or cracks that can lead to leaks. Flashing should be made of tar or roof cement, but you may choose to upgrade it to metallic. Stateside Contractors can fix all roof flashing problems.

Sagging Roof Repairs
If you have previously carried out minor repairs on your roof, and it is still sagging you will have to decide whether to have it repaired or replaced. We will check for rotting boards, trapped moisture as well as damaged rafters. If you have storm damage which is extensive, you may need to consider replacing the roof.

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